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i want to thank god for his power thru you i felt his his light that you send me i remember when i ask you to send me the light to healed my wound because on that time i hardly walk with my crutches but i felt
the light when u sended. It heal slowly but i know i have to believe in his power. i felt my body it started to relieve the pain day went by i started to felt that i have strength to walk but i remember i asked you again to send me again in that moment i felt more strength even my doctor told me that i cannot walk again but the light of god that you send heal me and now im walking again with no cane i truly believe in god power and you as his instrument to help people to make a different in their lives i know if i didn’t accept the light you send may be i still walking with crutches that my testimony nobody knows that i can walk again because i was hit by the truck and i have bypass to save my left leg i was at the hospital for 3 months and i appreciated you Marianna for all the lights you sended from above to heal someone that was close to the gate of death

Alifeleti Vaha


Following the death of my husband of 25 years, I was in a desperate depression.  Had immersed myself in “busy work”, but then at the end of the day, had to face my loss again.

A mutual friend  introduced us  . She felt that Marianna’s understanding heart and spiritual nature would help me.  We went to the beach in (where she was living at the time), and she took us to a special spot to meditate and have a healing.  There I experienced during those moments her connection with Spirit with the energy healing she gave me, and how much my heart was lifted from that moment on.

To sum up, she always warms my heart and makes me joyfully happy with her teachings and her healing presence.

Jeanette Roberts

Costa Rica

Marianna is one of the most gifted and sensitive healers I’ve ever experienced.  The wisdom she shares and insights she offers always invoke a profound experience and deep healing.  Marianna is truly an authentic human being walking her talk and shining as a true light of love and joy with immense compassion.  One cannot help but feel the heart presence and fall into a deep place of love inside themselves.

Fred Spanjaard

Producer, Global Media, Maui, Hawaii

Marianna is the guide who can help us to see the goodness and meaning in all things, even during the most challenging moments of our lives… Marianna is a living, loving, real-life example that we can all overcome even the most difficult circumstances imaginable in our lives, and transform ourselves into vessels of pure

Fred Spanjaard

Cody Gillette, Santa Monica, CA

I have been following the spiritual path for decades and have found much stimulation in this direction during courses and workshops. But I must say that the teachings and coaching of Marianna during her three months stay in have greatly helped me in my understanding of the nature of love.
she made me realize how important it is to live in the here and now and fill this present with love, and from her I learned that in order to remain in this love, I must choose love in every moment of time.
Marianna Quint is a spiritual teacher of a truly special kind.

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Peter Lehner

Darmstadt, Germany

I am the founder of The Natural Grocer and Homeostasis radio shows that were nationally syndicated throughout the US. This radio experience enabled me to receive many healings, readings, and spiritual gifts over the years.

Throughout this radio journey I have interviewed and been exposed to many spiritually gifted people. However, I must honestly say that I have never received a more comprehensive and “right on” numerology reading from anyone like the one I recently received from a gifted lady named Marianna .

Safeer Mahdi

Sedona, Arizona

What can I say about this AMAZING WOMAN whom I call my aunty Marianna?! I met my aunty Marianna through her once marriage to my uncle (Dad’s younger brother) . I am Thankful that she came into our lives and was able to do so much for my family. She is such an awesome lady that truly has that spirit of LOVE within her. She loved my family so much even after her divorce from my uncle she still has that family love in her that we can and never will forget. We truly miss her with all our hearts, she is family to the end!! She has taught me so much and to this day I still appreciate her for always sending me messages of LOVE and to be Thankful for life. I love you aunty and I wish you nothing but the absolute BEST in life.

Luseane Moa

I’ve met Marianna only a few times. She carries light wherever she goes. You cannot help but notice that and be drawn to her light. What a beautiful person.


I have known Marianna for over 40 years as a fact she is my ex wife and my sister and best friend who has helped me tremendously over the years thru some very difficult times with her compation and understanding , i am in a very good state of my life because of her help and support ,she is the ideal person for any mental and emotional support because she is real .


Marianna and I have been friends since she was 15 years old. Over the years, life got in the way, and we lost touch.Then my husband died. I was very sad and lost. A mutual friend said I know who you need to talk to and we drove down the 405 (LA Freeway). In just that one afternoon she brought my spirits up.She lived near the beach, so we decided to go,and stayed there talking and talking until the sun went down.Her loving kindness entered my heart and stayed there.If I were to describer her — I would say courage and kindness.

Jeanette Roberts

I have know this wonderful woman for over 40 years and can truly say that all above is the honest truth. I have never seen an evil existence in this wonderful woman. She has so much love to offer and share freely. Reading her works puts my heart and mind at ease. Thank you Marianna for being you!

Kathie Carter

I’ve been blessed by Marianna’s light for 20 years. Her gift is bringing awareness and reminding us of our infinite capacity to be Love in every moment. Thank you Marianna!

Bonnie Pedersen

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