Counseling through Numerology, with me is based on my Intuitive guidance to your needs at the time, also how your Personal Numbers can move you through your challenges right NOW, learning from the Past and fine tuning with your current Life Desires and Challenges.

I have been counseling/coaching since 1986. I am always amazed at the gifts that come to a session, even if it is one session, it is always very powerful.

I have been blessed to observe the changes that have come to those who are sent to me. Yes, I believe anyone who comes to me are sent or come because they are ready to experience the next step in their lives.

How is this done?

From your Questions, your birthday, name and my intuitive connection with you and your angels. I will see your concern in the moment, you will gain a fuller understanding of who they are.

Many have been living the life of someone else’s dream, many have not truly lived fully their life’s path… living only a fragment of who they truly are…

Numerology tells you who you are, also shows you the way, and puts you back on tract

Numerology is the tool in which I use to guide, I do not use astrology, although numerology does use your birthday. Numerology uses your name as well, to give you a full picture of who you are.

From the Numerology and from your questions the answers and tools are given

Fully anyone who sits with me or those that I coach through email, web cam or telephone will also experience the Angelic presence of my guides and your own… many times even channeled messages come through

No two sessions are the same for I am always in the MOMENT and connected with what is to be given to the Light that sits in my presence…

Your message will leave you full of Love and Empowered to continue your journey with sure direction and understanding so you can choose Love in Every Moment …

Truly a gift in your every Moment of Love.

Surely this Moment of love will move you to a joyful Blessed place.

For deeper knowing of history and science of numerology please see

Marianna did Numerology chart for me. I can tell you every word resonated with me; my personality, my life story, my strengths and weaknesses, and she gave me some advice. I warmly recommend her to everyone who has some issues, and who hasn’t nowadays? Marianna will surely feel it, and you will be satisfied. Kruna

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