Healing through Numerology

I am a Healer.

My gift of healing comes as Energy Healing which is present in our sessions.
I was told long ago when you tell a Healer your problems IT IS DONE.
This is from my guidance when I first discovered I was a Healer and did not know what to do with this gift.

I did not study with teachers it was all given to me from God/Source/ Love and this Healing I have learned comes with many Angels.

In a Dream /Vision when I was insecure in my gifts, I saw myself standing behind a man doing a healing, and as I touched the man, Our Lord Jesus was touching me … the energy going through me to the man. This gave me faith in my gifts.

As I heal I am shown what to do, each healing is different.

Now, for my gifts, as I grew in my gifts I realized all Healing is based on how much we are able to open to Love and willingness to accept the gifts that Love gives us.

So I have spent my time sharing and teaching LOVE and watching how people who choose love and happiness, how their lives change and become healthier balanced people.

Love flows through one who knows themselves and accept or are happy with the life they are living.

In the Numerology session, I am not only there as an intuitive reader, I am there as a healer, a representative of healing energy, a representative of Love. Love is in the room or in the session and through this, wonderful healings are done.

I call my sessions Healing Numerology as the Angels are present.

I call my sessions Healing Numerology because when the reading is over, I will be the instrument of healing, for this is also included in the reading.

Healing is done as I am guided to do it. The healing will not be as you have experienced it or maybe it will for I am the instrument, the hollow reed through which the flow of the energy is given… so you will receive your healing as it flows through me, may be instant or several minutes, however the healing does not end in our session the energy will continue and you will be aware of the healing energy as days go by… This I am grateful for and Now I offer it to anyone who comes to me for a session.

I feel that anyone who comes to me are sent for this special healing… I am Grateful to be of service and Grateful that I am an Instrument of Healing Love Energy.

Healing through Numerology
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