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“I think there are too many spiritual counsellors already. You should call yourself a happiness counsellor because all of us are looking for happiness in life. Life can be full of fun, beauty and miracles but it also carries with it many difficult challenges. When you teach people to be happy by loving themselves and unconditional love towards others then you are also healing the spirit.”
Hazel Taniuchi

There is a gift that comes with my Numerology Healing Session it is a gift of happiness. That gift can continue to many levels if one chooses for Happiness has to be relearned. In our life we have taken on the programs of doubt, of fear, that grows in us as time goes on due to those things that we have given power to.

Unfortunately, we give power to the pain. We spend so much time dwelling on pain, not only in thought but strong emotions. This locks the pain into action as a magnet and it continues to grow like a weed in our heart. The magnet draws more unhappiness the longer you dwell, and the seed of the pain which I call a weed grows stronger the more you feed it more painful emotions.

Many people dwell on the pain of life, cultivating the negative experiences rather than letting them go, people hang on to them as if it is the only experience in life

As days go, in 24hour period of time, if we have 5 or15 minutes, or an hour in that time slot of painful emotions, we will make it a life time energy, that waits to come up at any similar time, that 15 minutes of energy becomes a week, then a month then years of pain. I have had friends destroy the most positive relationship over a 15-minute argument that grew to a strong resentment then divorce. This relationship was the happiest one I had ever seen. It was so sad to see it deteriorate yet it was what taught me.

In 24 hours there is so much beauty and joy, so much to be grateful for, yet people focus on the pain.

My purpose is to assist, to retrain, to help in the redirecting of energy to the focus on Happiness and Gratitude

I know my method works, for it has worked in my life that is why I share it, and it has worked with others

These sessions are necessary to retrain self to Happiness or train the untrained who has never experienced Happiness

The sessions are for your choosing


One-hour session $80.00 with

  • Numerology Chart to know yourself deeper,
  • an audio recording of session plus
  • an email guidance regarding guidance received for you to continue and remember, for we who have not had happiness sometimes blocks the message, here you have many methods to refer to your Self-Empowerment and journey to Happiness

Five/ One hour sessions for $250.00 with

  • Numerology Chart to know yourself deeper,
  • an audio recording of each session plus
  • an email guidance for each session
  • emails one month after and during the sessions to answer questions as they arise.

These sessions are done either in person, by phone or Skype

I know that we will have a great time on your journey and we will CELEBRATE YOUR HAPPINESS

I am looking forward to meeting you and assisting you to your Happiness which there is a Great Benefit that comes with this

  • You are now a Beacon of Love and Happiness touching many with the vibration of Love and Happiness which emanates from you.
  • Your life becomes fuller and freer
  • You become healthier for your energy vibration now draws healthy life no longer attracting disease as Louise Hay says dis-ease
  • Your prosperity is also effected for a Happy mind is one that is also the Attractor of what is desired…

So let’s begin your journey NOW… TO HAPPINESS

Happiness Consultant Brisbane
My purpose is to assist, to retrain, to help in the redirecting of energy to the focus on Happiness and Gratitude.
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