Energy Healing

I am NOT the Healer; I AM THE INSTRUMENT OF HEALING … I AM THE HOLLOW REED THROUGH WHICH THE FLOW OF HEALING ENERGY COMES TO THE ONE IN NEED… GOD PLAYS THE INSTURMENT as a flute player plays the Reed (flute) the energy (music) that is sent through me for healing.


Many of you know this form of healing as Reiki or Spiritual Healing. It is all the same, the Healing Energy that comes from God…this is what I call it, or the Energy that surrounds us all, LOVE.

When I do a healing, it is this energy that is felt. When I sit with someone in Counsel or when I sit with them over Coffee or Tea or a Numerology session, there is Love there is Healing. The healing is natural for me. As it has been told to me many times, people always felt better when they sit with me, or come into my home. However, the Energy Healing that comes when I am in session or someone comes to me for a healing, that is a stronger Angelic Healing, that comes from the Divine.

When I do a Numerology Reading, you are receiving Healing Energy. When I counsel, you are receiving this energy as well.

Years ago in 1981, I saw this energy in strong action.

A friend came to me with an issue, she sat in front of me in deep pain, emotional pain which bought forth strong tears. As I sat there listening, I heard within (as guidance comes to me while I sit with someone) “when someone speaks to a Healer it is done”. The next day when she came home from work, her issue had miraculously, mysteriously been solved.

Her issue was she wanted a better job. She wanted to move into a career in an office environment, where she would better her life and have more opportunity. She felt she was going nowhere and had no opportunities other than being a cashier. When she came home that day she was so excited, she had been offered a job to work in one of her regular customer’s office, starting the next week.

My friend had no idea she was speaking to a healer, and her religion would not have accepted the idea, however her prayer our prayer was answered and I was the happiest for this was the first time this had ever happen in my life of healing.

Since this time, many, many more have occurred over coffee, and joyful sharing.

My healing gift came from my own Inner learning, from my Angels. I did not take any classes.

Healing has taken place in restaurants, in classes, when I see something and ask permission, a healing is done, sometimes instantly as I stand there working on them. It is pure loving healing energy, specific for the person who receives it.

Recently I was in a Chinese restaurant and I observed a woman in serious pain as she walked, her back was in pain and her face showed the pain. I watched her as I ate finally after finishing my meal I went to her and with the assistance of her daughter who translated, I asked her if I could heal her, her daughter was observing in skeptical eyes, yet she translated. I worked on her as guided and watched her smile as relief came.

Her daughter was in awe. She asked me how did I do it, I shared with her as she quickly took out her phone and took pictures of me as I worked on her mother. She then told me why she was so excited, her mother had gone to an acupuncturist days before and had not received any relief and here she was expressing happiness in her healing and release of pain.

I was very grateful that I had been the instrument to bring her healing and shared with her what her mother was to do to continue this healing as in exercise and self-energy receiving.

That was Christmas of 2015 I have gone back to the restaurant many times each time she greets me with a smile and gratitude she is still doing great as her daughter has told me. I am grateful as well.

Distance is not a problem as well, I have healed over Skype, on the phone, and as far as the other side of the planet, Love has no limits.

I am here to heal and share with you how to receive your own self-healing energy as well. Look forward to meeting you and sharing on whatever level is to your Highest Good, your Angels will show me the way to be of Highest Service to you.

Energy Healing Brisbane
My healing gift came from my own Inner learning, from my Angels. I did not take any classes.
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