Pineapple becoming

Pineapple becoming

Let us choose to see the beauty and gratitude in the NOW of today, the breath of life taken when we awaken, the smile of a child, the hug of a child, the song of a bird,we can build on the small things.

 The seed is small that becomes a tree baring great Fruit to Feed many... Let us choose to live in Peace and Love, no matter how things look… remember the seed is in darkness before it arises to the LIGHT …

During these times people are focusing on the fear, doubt and anger, forgetting who they are and the power of love.  Let us change the negative focus from these things and start building on the positive, always there is positive.  As you focus on the negative you will get the negative in your thoughts, heart, and actions.  At every moment a given situation may change, physical aliments cure from love, gardens grow from loving attention and from the compost of past learning and pain.

A home is built with love, and hope even if the home is in disrepair when purchased or on a vacant lot, let us look at these times as a time to rebuild, re organize, and love what we are creating,  as we clean up that which needs to be done, look upon the challenge with the eye of the artist or gardener, knowing that in time a masterpiece will be created …. An angry heart and destructive ways never builds anything … it is the destroyer.

Let us remember the Peace and Love begins in each and everyone of us, in our breath, our life, in each moment of choices taken.  Even though times may be dark, we are seeds of Love. A seed reaches for the inner knowing of Love even though it is surrounded in darkness. Choose Love knowing that the fruit is sweet growing in the compost of the darkness of the past.


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