I am so excited!! I am making my Lotion again, HEALING TOUCH, I have so many testimonials and request for it again. Finally I am following my heart and request, making it again, special orders only.

I am also introducing my New. HEALING BATH SALTS

I am so excited because it is so wonderful so healing, from sunburn healing, to softening dry hard scaly hands and feet, it is a wonderful product. woman-putting-on-lotion-pf_  I am always amazed at how soft my skin gets when i use it. I have not been using it as I should since I was occupied with other things.  Now I am making it again and don’t know how it is possible but it is BETTER THAN EVER.

I am also making a NEW bath Salt to go with it HEALING BATH SALTS it is full of all that makes bath salts healing especially when I have added Dead Sea Salts, Epsin Salt and Himalayan Salts along with healing herbs with a new addition of Sandlewood as well. Healing oils added which when you come out of the bath your skin feels so good.

You will at one point read a testimonial that uses Aphrodite’s Lotion and Bath Salt that was what I called it before, Thinking of changing to Marianna’s Lotion and Bath Salt, what do you think?

Here are some Testimonials of Healing Touch Lotion


I love your lotions … They have been a part of my life for  3 years now.

Since my move to New Mexico from So. Cal My shin had become dryer, the lotion is like an elixir for my skin, which totally absorbs it in thankfulness

I use it on my face at night , after washing to remove make up

After bathing as a complete body lotion, and during the day for my hands and to smooth cuticles.

After almost a year here in New Mexico, I find my skin has returned to softness

I’m 55 years old

Again thanks and love

Jena Roberts


Dear Mary,

This letter acknowledges my complete satisfaction with your body lotion ,  It not only benefits my feet, keeping them soft, but it has reduce the need for body deodorants.  It permeates into the skin, and the result a nice masculine scent, that remains all day long.  Aphrodite for Men, provides a satisfaction that is w/o equal in any other lotion that I have used, for many years.  It indeed is God sent and unique.

Keep up the fine work, and never lose your ingredients, for they are 100% different from anything else I’ve ever used.

Wishing your continued success and happiness

I remain sincerely yours

Julius A Fariar


Dear Marianna,

I just wanted to write a note to tell you how very much I enjoy your wonderful products.  And I especially want to “Thank you” for your endless hours of loving care that have gone into the preparation of each package of bath salts and each bottle of skin lotion.

I have always had difficulty with commercial skin lotions, creams, and bath preparations because of the chemicals used in commercial products.  I am hyper-allergic and have had difficulty all my life with soaps, bath preparations, lotions, and face scrubs.

The first time I tried your bath salts, I could actually feel the water softening, and I could actually feel the “Love” essence and the “Peace” essence flow through.  The wonderful relaxing and uplifting peace that I experience when I use the salts is the most refreshing and special feeling that I treasure.  For the first time in my life, I am able to use bath salts without experiencing an allergic reaction

I work in the dermatology department and have always tested each skin sample that comes into the department.  I am rarely able to tolerate any sample cream on my face for even a few brief moments.  However, when I first received your lotion, I immediately tried it on my face.  Not only did I not experience any burning or reaction, I have been able to use it continually and am so pleased with the results.  I have found your product to be the best  “Face and Body” lotion I have ever used.

Again, I can not recommend you wonderful products highly enough, and want to thank you for your dedication and love in producing these marvelous “healing” products.


Dianne Houston

San Clemente, Ca

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